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This post is aimed to improve the educational experience of students and explore the benefits of e-learning. Please find a checklist of suggestions that explains how does online education works in a dynamic environment.  It's an effort to prepare students for taking up challenges & goals that cannot be avoided at any cost! 

So here are some tips to help students make an informed decision before applying to a distance learning university: -

-How does one keep an educational goal?  Its dead simple- think about the future & what it holds for you, everything else will work out just fine!  Persistence and commitment to excellence will ultimately reward a secured lifestyle.  By dedicating your time wisely, an online school system will transform your career to a higher level.

Key to Online Learning-Distance learning is not to be taken lightly at all. It requires the same amount of dedication & effort as anyone would normally put into a traditional classroom setup.

-Internet based collaboration & communication is the key to success. More the interaction (video chat, webinar, and email); the less burdensome it will feel at the end of the day.

-According to a recent survey, e-learners are more adapt to problem solving in comparison to campus classroom students. This is due to the fact that students learning from home are constantly exposed to project simulation models and diverse software applications for completing their assignments.

-If you want your degree to be universally accepted by future employers; make sure that the web based university is fully accredited by the regional education council/panel of United States.

-Accreditation plays a big role in validating the credential of any type of digital degree offered by e-learning institutions. Students can find a certified & accredited logo displaying on the website of the distance college.

-Distance education gives the freedom to attend the classes at your own pace and time (asynchronous), so it becomes an individual’s own responsibility to keep up with the assignments, projects, and tests. In other words, online education requires a lot more focus and individual commitment to successfully complete all the courses.

-The money (tuition costs) spent on distance course is about the same amount as a regular college.  So there is no room for procrastination or a lack of effort.  Don’t toss your money away by self inflicting failure!

-Just remember that there is no one to motivate you on a daily basis, so be consistent by studying regularly. Take advantage of the opportunity and live in the moment itself.

-24/7 Academic support will be provided by professors, but try to be self-dependent for getting the tasks done on time.  Remain pro-active by seeking online help from the instructors through persistent communication.  Curriculum advice will be right at your fingertips, so don’t be shy to ask for it!

-Prepare & polish your reading, writing, and vocabulary skills, it will come in handy for most of the assignments online. Comprehension know-how’s are crucial for communicating all the thoughts effectively.

-Time management is also an important element of e-learning. Set the priorities ahead of time, so you know how to avoid falling behind in lectures and tasks.

-Students must access their emails everyday and log on to the net portal for updates on daily assignments and course syllabus. It is recommended to use a browser based productivity tool for keeping a tab on everything.

-Keep yourself in isolation during online discussions and brainstorming sessions.

-Last but not the least, don't listen to music or play games while attending cyber classes. Try to keep all the distractions away in order to make the most out of your classes!

So there you have it… a complete HOW TO, DO’S & DON’TS of virtual degree system!  If you stick to the above suggestions, there is no need for another college survival guide!

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