Top 10 ways to Improve your Earning Potential with an Online Degree

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This is a no brainer: more education means more job opportunities and a larger salary. Studies prove it! Those who continue learning beyond high school are more likely to make more money than people who don’t have a higher education. However, once you have completed your graduation, there are ways to boost your earning potential. Take a look at some of the ways you could be holding your own salary back and how to take it higher.

Higher Education for Increased salary

1.    Networking –

Create a network of people who are influential in your field such as family and friends, professional organizations, chambers of commerce are all great resources for meeting and networking with people in your career field.

2.    Computer skills – Sharpen your computer skills because lack of knowledge in the latest software could hold you back from promotions and raises. Having strong computer skills is necessary to succeed in just about any career field. There are many convenient online computer training programs that can help you stay on top of the latest technology.

3.    Professional licensure – There is a substantial salary difference between someone who has a license and someone who doesn’t. Today, more jobs require specialized training and or certification, so you can definitely boost your income by becoming licensed or certified in some aspect of your field.

4.    Pursue further studies – Working towards an advanced career can have a positive impact on your annual salary. For example, if you have an undergraduate credential, then you can pursue an online graduate degree. You definitely have to increase your education in order to increase you salary.

5.    Highlight your experience – Make the most of your experience by showcasing it on your resume and at work. Volunteer for new projects to get a chance to show your skills and prove your ability to your boss. Taking the easy way out and not taking risks can limit your professional profile.

6.    Relocate – Sticking to one place is not the best idea; be willing to relocate. Based on supply and demand, some cities are willing to offer a much higher salary for the same profession. So, if you have no problem with moving to another city, consider this option.

7.    Learn from the pros – Never stop learning! Get the secrets from the best by hiring a career coach. Consult with a career coach who can teach you all the tricks that can make you indispensable to the company.

8.    A strong desire to succeed - If you aren’t motivated and lack interest, it will show and your chances for success will be affected. There is no doubt that if you have a passion for what you do your desire to succeed will increase… and so will your earning potential.

9.    Change careers – Don’t be afraid to take a risk! Choosing a different field to pursue an online degree can be a welcome move to your career. Changing careers may just be what you need to move up the salary scale. It’s very important to first do research before you jump into another career though, it could be a dead end career move.

10.    Self-employed – Want to go higher but don’t see a way up? Go solo if you find that there is no way to advance in the company. Independent contractors can make a very good salary, however there may be drawbacks that you should look into first before you take such a big leap.

It’s up to you to take the next step and make it happen. Only you can put your knowledge to work to its fullest potential.

We would like to hear how you have improved your career potential. Please feel free to leave us your comments below.

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