The Social Value of Higher Education in America

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The Social Value of Higher Education is a priceless asset that serves humankind till it's existence!  I know what you all are thinking now (OMG!! not another wisdom talk).  However, it's human tendency to overlook stuff especially when it comes to understanding our own little world.  To the old & wise, I am sure you know where I am going with this but my real intention/purpose is to spread a little bit of social awareness into the "Generation Next" new breed of college kids. 

American Statue of LibertyI know for a fact that today's kids are way smarter (than two minds put together).  But it looks like the word "Social" is left out of the mix and we are left only with- Value (Price) of Higher Education!  This is by no means trying to knock down the young guns of America but rather inspire them to attain knowledge at the highest possible level.  Academics is not just about exploring subject areas; we must also understand how it can help us socially.

I don't know about you, but despite all the technological advances and fake glitterati, our nation is far away from being prosperous (at-least socially).  Just think about all the problems we are facing today (no need to mention them here)!  Think what you want, but the missing element is nothing but the "Lack of Social Value & Integrity in the current academic world".

Education &  knowledge go hand in hand, so understanding the difference between them is vital.  Education is simply a process of collecting information about a particular topic, but knowledge is the ability/power to process this information for making a decision.  Being smart or educated isn't enough these days...  The typical sentiment towards higher education is to keep stuffing more information to the brain.  Do you really think this is gonna make us more intelligent?  Is the current learning system helping us to rise above the bad & make this world a better place to live? 

Having social value and integrity directly reflects a person's ability to do the right things for the right people.  In other words, education along with righteous morals is what it will take to achieve the well being for every soul on mother earth. Our goal must be to attain higher education along with a social responsibility.

Being responsible for what really matters in life is the true path of success.  Every adult in America want their children to achieve academic success but forgets to send him to the University of Life...  So please make sure that you start application process before it's too late!

Last but not least- Education that arises out of experience is the best of it's kind . The real value of higher education is self-realization.

Concluding with some inspirational quotes:-

-Happiness is probably the only thing in the world that one might not have but can easily give to others!

-The true definition of Success- Opportunity embraced with preparation!  So don’t go telling people about “Good Luck”, such thing doesn’t exist.  Your success depends on your readiness to accept any opportunity that comes across.

-Being sorry doesn’t mean that you are wrong & someone other is right.  Instead it simply is a way of expressing that the value of our relationship means a lot more than my own egotistical opinion.

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