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We will be discussing on the topic of adults who would like to return to college later in life either to advance their careers or perhaps to change their academic path altogether, they may face some uncharted waters ahead.  So today we hope to shed some light on the challenges they face.

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those who are over twenty five (25) years of age make up about forty seven percent (47%) of the new & returning students population on many of today’s campuses. 
Being a senior citizen or a 40+ adult should never be an excuse to not go back to school.  In fact, it doesn’t matter what age (30+,50+,60 yrs plus...) you are… Just remember that getting quality education is indeed our god given right and we are never too old to leverage this opportunity!

What are some of the challenges faced while jumping into school again?

Those enrolling into a university are hesitant and anxious about coming back into the class room.  Usually time is the biggest factor considering adult students, especially women who have various external responsibilities. For example- kids, jobs, errands etc.  These factors can bog you down quite a lot.  If not all, most of us will also have to handle the fear of having to come up with money for covering tuition costs.  Going back to college at 40 can be a little weird if you haven't done anything related to classroom activities in a long time. 

Due to the economic recession in United States, older learners are motivated to attain diverse skills in order to strengthen their job profile.  Also those who don't have a post graduate are less likely to land a management position in a company, so getting a master's or doctorate can really push them up towards a more gratifying career.  It has been observed that during a downturn in the economy that the hunger for more knowledge is naturally aligned.

What's the advice for those of you who are rejoining college after the age of 40 ?

The first and foremost thing to do is to explore different options that are available for post graduation.  For example, choosing a community campus that is close by your house or taking up distance learning to finish studies from home.  You decision to complete a college degree will also depend on the structure of classes and curriculum offered based on the major (area of study).  Asynchronous and accredited courses are considered the best option of anyone above the age of thirty due to shortage of time. Everest University offers a great accelerated program that can help you achieve your goals quickly.  If you are stuck with a full time job then distance education is absolutely critical to your success.  Classes are also offered during the weekends to make it a lot more convenient for working professionals. 

How can I find financial aid?

Even though you might be ambitious to continue further studies, the cost to sustain it can be overwhelming. That's why it is important to first find financial resources, such as through a bank, or maybe even sift through the various flyers to help you overcome the burden of tuition expenses, but be very careful when it comes to credit cards as you can rack up debt easily.  One might have to cut down the costs in his regular lifestyle in order to save up for university. They usually are not aware of financial assistance or don't know how to pay for college. Find out which companies are funding education money for students returning to school. Pell grants, federal money, state scholarships, minority or church providing assistance are some of the options available.

You can get all this information for free by referring to the search degree widget above. It will provide you with a list of universities and courses suitable for your major and guidance for degree selection.

Benefits & Advantages

Employers want & hire technological people; technology is the talk of the town, if you are to successfully take your career to the next level.  It is imperative to learn technology along with your academic initiatives.  This is the reason why e-learning plays a vital role in helping adults make a transition into the modern world of technology.

How does a post graduate degree affect the kind of work that you do currently or add value to it? 

Students can acquire new skills that they never thought was possible.  Individuals taking up the challenge to learn different things not only fare well at their respective jobs but also gain a competitive edge against younger colleagues.  As an adult you don't want to be intimidated by new learning experiences. 

So how do I prepare to return to school?

If you have the passion to pursue continuing studies, then it is possible to defeat every obstacle that comes in the way.  Individuals who are at the age of thirty or forty plus should never shy away from attaining higher education.  Get ready to fulfill all your academic dreams and attain prosperity forever....

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