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Taking virtual classes can be the perfect solution to attending school and holding down a full-time job; it can also be the downfall of many students. By enrolling into distance education, you remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of a traditional college campus where other students have the same goals in mind. This can put a serious dent in your motivation. However, if you can navigate this process well, your earning power can be greatly increased, and financial hardship can be a thing of the past. Follow these time management tips to stay focused and on track while attending college online.

1. Budget Your Time

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At the beginning of the week, sit down and schedule timing for the lecture, homework and studying. Once you’ve carved out a plan to work on your courses, stick to it. Make sure your friends and family know that Monday from 5pm to 8pm, for instance, is class hour and you can’t be interrupted.

2. Laptop or Tablet

Investing in a laptop or tablet may seem like an unnecessary expense but consider this: how much time do you sit waiting that could otherwise be spent on home work? Waiting at the doctor’s office, your commute to work and your lunch break are all perfect opportunities to pull out your laptop and get some homework done.

3. Deadlines

While you’ll get a syllabus full of assignments and due dates, be sure to set your own deadlines. Don’t ever plan on handing in assignments the day they are due or taking an exam at the last minute. Invariably, you will run into technical difficulties, a power outage or scheduled system maintenance. By planning on submitting tasks a day or two ahead of due date, you will give yourself a buffer if you run into any problems.

4. Stay Off of the Net

When you’ve scheduled yourself to be ‘in’ class, stay off of the internet. It’s tempting to jump on a social networking site for ‘just a minute’ or to check your email but you’ll soon find that you’ve wasted your schedule catching up with friends.

5. Ask For Help

If you run into trouble, either technically or in a specific course, ask for help as soon as you need it. Don’t be embarrassed! You’re paying for your professor’s time through your college tuition so use it wisely. Waiting to ask for help will only serve to put your further behind. Many colleges have tutoring centers and most professors have office hours that you can take advantage of.

6. Set Up a Study Group

If you’re the type of person that does better with people surrounding you, make a few friends in your online class and set up a study group. Chances are there are others in your class that will welcome the opportunity but are too shy to speak up.

Taking e-courses can be done and done well if you organize yourself. By dedicating some hours to your school work each week and sneaking in opportunities for study whenever they present themselves you’re sure to succeed. If you find that online learning isn’t for you, you can always return to campus next semester. One way or another, don't let anything get in the way of a successful financial future!

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