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Imagine waking up one morning realizing that you no longer enjoy the academic path you’ve chosen! Your work days feel laboriousand stale, and you find yourself wishing you had chosen something different, something more rewarding and inspiring, and yes, fun! The good news is that these jobs do exist, and whether you’re considering a mid-life career change or just getting started with your college life, there are educational options available that can lead to fun, rewarding and creative growth. One such path is video game designing, a steadily growing profession full of potential, challenges and excitement.

What type of higher education is required?

There are a variety of opinions, but it is generally agreed that a four year degree is essential to launching a successful career. The wider variety of courses you take, the broader your world view will become, meaning that your understanding of how people learn, think and interact will be much deeper. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to create new worlds and give birth to characters that gamers can easily relate to. Seek out opportunities to improve your artistic abilities, graphic design and computer skills with the intention of integrating all these components into a marketable package that you can use in your new job search. The most important thing is to get your degree. Even if your playing skills are among the very best, it’s the degree that employers are looking for and will get your foot in the door.

Opportunities in web applications related to the arcade arena allows you to be creative in ways you never imagined. Your duties may include anything from launching the entire layout and interface of the software, innovating the characters, developing the plot, determining the different levels and deciding how they are scored. Add to that the necessary coding and programming elements and your mind becomes highly active, full of new creative ideas and ways to engage potential players.

The work environment in this particular field can vary, but in general it is casual. Most days often include time to work alone as well as with others, with plenty of computer time and meetings thrown into the mix. Perhaps you might even be able to work from home in certain situations. No matter where you are employed, rest assured you’ll never get bored!

The pay scale for a video gaming designer varies depending on your education and experience. Four year degrees or a master’s can be a huge plus when it comes to landing a steady, high-paying job and advancing in the company. The great news is that this industry is here to stay, meaning that one of the greatest benefits is long term security, something everyone is looking for during these – and future – times of economic uncertainty.

There are limitless directions you can take with your academics. You may choose to pursue your online degree in anything from engineering to nursing to project or business management, or you might just decide the best path for you is in video game design!

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