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Scholarship with no essay requirementFinancial aid always needed for those desiring a higher level of education. Most organizations offering scholarships requires the recipient to write an essay to qualify; however, some academic aid can be obtained without writing anything at all.

To find a free rewards programs, an individual can search online to see what is being offered. Various sites like scholarshipguide offer an opportunity to be entered in a drawing for money to go to school. In order to qualify, just fill in your name and address for a chance to win money. This method is much easier than having to write a long acceptance letter, and then wait and hope that it is chosen from a large stack of others. Other online scholarships offer contest to enter for a chance to win a little bit of extra cash. They are easy to enter and fun to do as well, and maybe you will even be lucky enough to win.

This rewarding opportunity will allow a person more time to concentrate on their classes and education, and applying for several scholarships is one of the quickest ways to get free college money. While some applications will require an essay, not all of them do. However, the ones that do not ask for it will be more competitive with additional requirements.  

Factors Used to Award Fellowships

  • Academics                                        
  • Achievements                                      
  • Hobbies                                                
  • Talents                                                   
  • Affiliations                                           
  • Career aspirations                              

Grants are Available from Many Sources
  • Federal and State Governments
  • Universities
  • Large Corporations
  • Local Businesses
  • Professional Organizations
  • Individuals

Each source has their own requirement for the applicants to be eligible for the scholarship program. Most of them will require some form of entry application along with other random items. You will want to research and check out each source to find the best one to meet their need.

Since educational funds come from various sources, it is better for a student to research the ones that are unique since these will have fewer people entered. For example, a grant aid being awarded to someone who has a unique hobby such as collecting ant farms will have less competition than the ones that are being offered for an actor or singer. They might only require the student to bring their ant farm in to show a group instead of having to write essays.

People need to discover what traits that they might possess to make them stand out amongst the other applicants, and then they can contact the organizations that will match those traits. In addition, an individual can check on the awards currently available for the field of study that they are entering. For instance, if a student is going to study to be a nurse, he or she can check out websites such as to see what type of student aid are being provided.

Some quick ways to acquire free scholarships without writing an essay is by searching and applying for every unique winning draw or fun contest. The more applications entered will increase your chance to win free money for tuition expense.

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