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When you are starting the process of applying for a student loan to further your education, it is not much different than many situations you have had throughout life. Very simply stated, you want money and need to convince the party that has the funds, to give it, or finance it, to you.

When you were a child, did you ever want a new bike? You are tired of riding the one that came from the neighborhood garage sale because it is not reliable because the chain falls off. You want something cool in a hot color, comparable to the one the popular kid at school is riding. You should have, no you deserve, a “new” one. How are you going to get your parents to agree to invest that much money in you?

Student Financial AidAfter a great deal of thinking, you developed a plan. Your story will tell all the finer aspects about yourself. They will be reminded about your good grades and how you have been completing all your chores and responsibilities without being prompted. But most important is your ideas for all the potential nice things you can do with your bike. Your plans include being able to run errands for your parents, ride your way to school saving a little cash on gas and you are sure that you could get a part-time job delivering newspapers if you had a dependable vehicle. You are very proud of yourself. With a well thought out plan, you have faith that your parents are going to give you some financial aid to buy that bike. Alternatively, you can opt for free scholarship money to help pay for college education.

The thought process behind convincing your family to buy you a new bike is very similar to the process for applying for a student loan. Your application has to clearly point out: your grades, your personal accomplishments in and outside of school, your need for cash allowance and what you plan to do with the education you are getting with it. One element extremely different than the above mentioned scenario, is that you are not the only one asking for money. There will be, hypothetically, 500 other kids asking your parents for the same thing. Your story, your appeal, your request must “stand out” from the story the other kids are telling. Maybe rather than getting a newspaper job, one child is going to use his bike to deliver meals to the elderly? Another child is going to ride it across town to help build homes for the homeless? In comparison, who is using it for personal gain and also for a more altruistic purpose?

Your loan application needs to have a flair! Don’t think of it as an application, this is your curriculum vitae (resume). You should be creative in how you describe yourself, how you share your circumstances about why you deserve a little financial assistance. The completion of your writeup will be about your plans for your future. Obviously, this may not be your real end circumstance. Take this opportunity to imagine that everything in your life goes exactly as planned with no problems or road blocks. What ultimate good would you do with your education? Don’t just say “I will get a great job in my field.” Dream about the benefits you could offer the “world” if you had the chance. That is the type of information, the story you need to share, to stand a chance!

If you are not a good writer, there is no harm in seeking help from someone who is. This person cannot and should not do it for you, but you can collaborate with someone. Your ghost writer can assist you in writing a clear, informative and interesting student loan application. This process of gathering and presenting facts should help you assemble an interesting and informative presentation.

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