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Being a mom entails too many responsibilities that even a superwoman would find it very hard to think of going back to school or asking for student aid somewhere. However, this should not be the case.  Each & every mother must take the time to find financial alternatives which she can use to pay for her back-to-school plans, monthly rent and other bills.  Looking for government grants may not be easy but it is definitely a very important step that you must take to ensure that you and your kids will have a better future. As a responsible household runner, you should choose the ones that will definitely assist you with any of the following concerns:

College money for Education

This type of aid provides help for single moms in paying their monthly rental fee.  However, before applying one must see to it that her chosen apartment, level of monthly income and cost of rent falls within the requirements and criteria. An example of this is provided by State Rental Assistance Program where those who qualified will be able to receive housing rental subsidy for up to five years.

First-time home buyers

This particular funding will aid single mothers pay their down payment when purchasing a home.  One example of this can be obtained from The Nehemiah Foundation.  The said agency would be willing to shoulder up to 6% of the total sales price of the house that the single female parent would want to purchase. The amount awarded will depend on the circumstances of individual applicant.

Getting College education

Grants for college education is one of the most sought after.  Women who would like to pursue their college education but do not have enough earnings to finance for the tuition fee may benefit from it. Pell Grants offer free money which will be disbursed directly to those who qualified to help them pay their college-related expenses. If you want to apply, make sure to file first for FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Monthly allowance

This is free money provided by the government for teenage mothers in order to support them finance their daily needs while rearing their children all alone. It may also help them pay for their kids’ daycare and other school expenses.  You may also use this for other personal important needs to alleviate your financial anxiety.  Once your application is approved, the money will be sent to you in a form of a check.  Of course, you will never have to worry about paying it back!

Beware of scams

Be careful when applying for federal grant-in-aid especially when you want to process it online.  Beware of scams asking for collateral or credit checks.  Please be aware that they do not require their applicants to provide security deposits, credit checks and other collateral.  It is also important to keep in mind that having a bad credit or bankruptcy record is not a factor for disqualification.

Be properly informed

Financial assistance for women are plenty but you just have to continue digging for some insightful information until you can find one that will perfectly suit your needs.  The amount and coverage of these funds may vary depending on your qualifications and depending on what the government has allocated.  Make sure to thoroughly read the instructions and all important details when applying so that you will not end up experiencing anxiety because you are expecting for too much. 

When applying, it would be best to ask the staff of the administrative office so you will be guided all throughout the process.  In some cases, you can ask for assistance from social workers who are tasked to assist those who are eligible to apply for government grants.

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