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With the nationwide shortage of healthcare workers, now is the perfect time to explore a career in the healthcare sector. Demand for such professionals is surging due to the changes in our medicare system under President Obama, coupled with an aging population and a slight decline in American health. More traditional career choices such as doctors and nurses are in high demand, but there are also more non-traditional academic paths to explore which offer interesting and rewarding opportunities for talented individuals. Here is some information about these positions, along with background requirements. 


Nurse educators:

With the tremendous growth in the nursing sector, it is difficult for educational institutes to meet the high demand of their student nursing programs. One of the biggest areas of need is nurse educators who can teach and develop curricula for students. If you’re a nurse who has experience in the field, and you are interested in shifting gears, consider becoming a nurse educator. Typical requirements for this position include an online masters degree in nursing, and 3-5 years of experience in a professional setting. 
Public Health & Safety
Case managers: When complex patient conditions arise, case managers can help with patient education, developing treatment plans, and streamlining communications with hospitals and insurance companies. Case managers also work with patients who have terminal illnesses and their loved ones to help them cope with their feelings of stress and fear of loss. If you have a background in the mental physiology field, then this may be the perfect career choice for you. Most case manager positions require students to have an advanced degree, so it is a good idea to seek training in the fields of public health safety and psychology, and consider obtaining your masters social work online.

Mhealth professionals: The tremendous adoption of mobile devices coupled with innovations in medical technology make mobile health careers an excellent choice for motivated individuals. Many patients today have medical devices to help them monitor certain aspects of their body, from how much exercise they’re getting to their sleep habits. Advances in this area allow patients to self-report their physical information to their doctors via their mobile devices. These initiatives are being spurred by innovative hospitals and cutting edge facilities, and smaller start-ups. Careers in mhealth are perfect for individuals who have experience in programming and management, and knowledge of mobile technology.

Healthcare management: Being an executive requires an understanding of legal and government regulations, as well as excellent customer service skills. Managing institutions requires everything from protecting patient confidentiality and working with administrative staff, to having a firm grasp on legal concepts that dictate the actions of the organization. Most management roles require that individuals have an advanced degree in public health & management, or public policy.  

Social media professionals: The majority of industries have a presence on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and it’s expected for the healthcare industry as well. In today’s world, patients are searching for answers about their fitness problems, ways to handle issues with medication, and strategies for coping with certain conditions. The demand for such institutions that provide engaging content and practical advice via social media outlets is strong. The surge in social networking provides a great opportunity for such institutions to engage with patient communities. It has also become a necessity in this day and age. People who have experience in social media communication and a willingness to learn are a good fit for these types of positions. 

As medical technology continues to advance and jobs for primary care providers (PCP) continues to soar, there will be more opportunities for new careers in this field. If you are interested in exploring a more non-traditional career in medicine, consider looking beyond the treatment room to find your path.

Ashford University400 N Bluff Blvd, Clinton, Iowa 52733-29674-year, Private for-profit
Bluefield College3000 College Dr, Bluefield, Virginia 246054-year, Private not-for-profit
Jacksonville State University700 Pelham Road North, Jacksonville, Alabama 362654-year, Public
Northern Arizona University1900 S. Knoles Dr, Babbitt Administrative Center, Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-41324-year, Public
Thomas Nelson Community College99 Thomas Nelson Drive, Hampton, Virginia 236662-year, Public
Washburn University1700 SW College Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66621-00014-year, Public

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