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Masters’ in Business Administration or MBA is turning into a primary requirement for existing employees with experience in the business management sector. In fact, many fresh business graduates are opting for distance degree programs.

Learning is not the same anymore!

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Gone are the days when a campus was the main source for teaching. Traditional education is moving out of brick and mortar classroom teaching, and embracing technology wholeheartedly. It's technology which is making it a very lucrative alternative.

How does MBA Distance Learning Work?

University of Phoenix, University of North Carolina, Pennsylvania State University, and Indiana University are the ones offering accredited programs . When a student enrolls into an online school, education is imparted either through couriered assignment materials which the student studies and takes exam or the course is made available on the website for easy access. The entire syllabi are tailored to suit the technological sensibilities of students.

In both cases, ‘classroom’ teaching is also included. For instance, Indiana University has centers where a student can attend classes on weekends and sort out curriculum issues with instructors. Sometimes they are made to write papers or give presentations and their performances are recorded for awarding degree. Alternatively, some institutes make live lectures (video chat) available where you are not required to go anywhere physically but interact with educators through a web-based environment, resolve queries, attend webinars, make presentations and other aspects of virtual learning.

Age factor and curriculum fees are two more main attractions of MBA classes online. There is no age bar for adults either. You can be 40-year old and still undertake the entire curriculum. Secondly, enrollment fees are considerably less as compared to full-time MBA courses on campus; therefore, it is preferred.

Getting employed after finishing graduation

The hiring fraternity is divided on this issue. The traditionalist mindset of employers feel that only those who have done a regular course are better eligible whereas upcoming employers, consisting mostly of the younger generation, do not believe in this. For them, the skill, knowledge and experience of the person matters.

It is not that traditional employers do not believe in skills and experience but they also count quality of education as a major hiring factor. Visit any job portal and you will see the mode of imparted education is highlighted more than the requirements of the job.

Should it be avoided?

Certainly not! Online colleges are seeing a lot of potential in growth all around the world. Further, it is impossible for people who are already working in the same field to leave their jobs and get enrolled in a 2-year program. It will mean foregoing salary and spending savings, a condition not feasible for many employees.

Moreover, investing 2-years in a full-time course after completing bachelors degree is, again, not feasible for every professional. These days, people are going for jobs at a very early age and for various reasons. Moreover, online MBA programs are accredited nationally and globally. This means that if a person has done it through a distance mode, can apply for jobs abroad.

In time, the mindset of employers will change with the changing economic scenario and the availability of skill-set in employees. Distance education is the perfect way to enhance knowledge, learn subject basics and implement them in workforce.


It is a mistake to think that MBA Distance Learning reduces the quality of students. True, the actual learning curve is high but it all depends on the student who wants to learn. Ultimately, campus or online college is of no consequence. The willingness of the learner matters the most.

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