Top 5 College Degrees for a Career in Mining

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in the world of mining, there are educational considerations to be made along the way that can help you succeed. Getting the right degree for the job you’re hoping to procure upon graduation is the smart thing to do. As a mining engineer, having extensive knowledge about the technical parts of the job will not only help you to be successful, it might also potentially save your company from a preventable disaster, or help you design a more efficient and profitable technological system.

Recommended majors for those pursuing careers in mining are in areas such as geology, chemistry, engineering and the earth sciences. Below are overviews of 5 college degrees that might help you pursuit for professional success in this growing field.

1. Geology/Geological Engineering

Heavy Engineering Tool for MiningGeologists study the earth and all of its many aspects. Specifically, geologists focus on studying rocks, as well as creating and visualizing maps, conducting surveys and analyzing information that has to do with our planet’s chemical and mineral makeup. Having a background in the field of geology would greatly benefit anyone considering this area of study by providing them with a vast understanding of their surrounding environment and its scientific qualities. In simpler terms: if you’re going to make a career out of this, it’s important to know exactly what you’re working with, and all the implications of your actions.

2. Geochemistry

The main field of research for geochemistry is the chemical composition of rocks and minerals. With the knowledge and ability to test the makeup of terrain areas, people with training in geochemistry are an invaluable part of any mining company. Because digging activity can hasten the process of breaking down once-buried minerals, leading to acid drainage, having a trained geochemist on the company team can be crucial to preventing water contamination and other types of unwanted environmental impact.

3. Chemical Engineering

It is an excellent bachelor’s degree choice if you might one day want to be responsible for the design, construction, and/or maintenance of an excavation site. Knowledge of local laws and environmental responsibility are necessary for them. In addition to overseeing operations, they might also assist in the designing of the mines, maintaining or even creating the equipment, and may be responsible for hiring and training employees.

4. Mining Engineering

Getting a bachelor’s degree in mining or petroleum engineering is one of the smartest choices for anyone considering a future in the field, as it focuses on training the student specifically for the job they’ll be seeking upon graduation. While pursuing this particular degree program, one can expect to study mine planning and development, as well as the financial and managerial issues facing a chemical engineer. Mineral processing, chemical analysis, equipment design and safety are just a few of the topics that will be covered in the curriculum for this particular program.

5. Metallurgical Engineering

Demand for trained metallurgical engineers is rising, so this would be an excellent major to study. The metallurgical field focuses more on studying metals, and the processing and refining of mineral and organic resources. They must be able to follow the mined metals or minerals throughout every stage of processing, from the beginning of excavation to the final finished product.

With the industry expected to expand, and mining/geological engineer both making many fastest-growing job lists, this major is a smart choice for anyone seeking job security and success. With the average salary of a mining engineer coming in between $58,649 and $100,580, with a median salary of $74,463 (source:, it will turn out to be a profitable and fulfilling career you’re seeking.

Joe Fernandez focuses on the mining and resource sector, providing valuable insight into companies that produce mining equipment such as pumps and light towers.

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