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Process technicians plan and adjust the biological, chemical, geological and nuclear processes used in production and manufacturing environments. It’s recommended that aspiring students study the trade and earn a process technology degree. If you’re planning to start studying this major in the near future, you should have many opportunities for employment in the future.

Process Technology Education

Since they are responsible for overseeing various facilities, their skills are relevant to many
People & Technology Integration
different industries. Upon earning your degree, you may find yourself working in the oil and gas industry, the food manufacturing industry or even in the power generation sector.

While exploring educational process technician programs, be sure to research the school’s credentials and accreditation so you aren’t tricked into something similar to Ghana scams or fake online colleges!

There are several different types of academic options, including chemical-biological-nuclear experts and geological/petroleum technicians.

Chemists and engineers rely on experts to help create and refine activities involved in chemical production. In order to become a chemical technician, you need an associate’s degree in chemical or process engineering. However, many employers also provide on-the-job training for their skilled workers.

On the other hand, biological technicians mostly focus on assisting scientists in the medical and biological fields. Most of the work is done in a lab during various tests. Entry-level positions are usually required to have a bachelor’s in a related technology study.

Individuals pursuing geological, petroleum and nuclear topics are required to earn an associate’s degree in process technology, science or related area. On-the-job training is also important in developing individual skills.

They mainly work with organizations in the natural resource industry, including minerals, oil and gas. As you might guess, they are responsible for procedures within the nuclear product field.

Career Outlook

With the proper education, the career outlook for prospective students is quite promising.

If you’re interested in becoming a chemical technician, be aware that this is the slowest growing field. Through 2020, the job growth is only estimated to be 7%, much slower than the national average in the United States. The average annual salary for such professionals with a degree is $42,040.

Technical career in biology is slated to increase by 14%. This growth is often attributed to demand for trained workers in the biotech and medical industries. The median pay, however, is a bit lower comparatively to others, coming in at $39,020 per year.

The geological sector is growing faster than most. Indications lead us to believe that the field will grow by 15% through 2020, which is faster than average. According to BLS, the median salary for a professional working with natural resources is $54,020 annually.

Growth in the nuclear field is also slated to grow at a pace of 14%. But, the pay is much higher, probably because of the extensive on-the-job training required. Right now, the average annual salary is $68,090. In 2010, there were 7,100 nuclear technicians employed in the United States.

Other manufacturing and production industries are experiencing slower growth. These positions are only slated to grow about 4% through 2020.

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