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The Associate of Applied Science degree is primarily designed for those who are planning on looking for work immediately upon completion of the program. As employers might prefer someone with an AAS degree over those with just an Associate of Sciences, this could be the more viable method of your continued education if you are looking to start in your field of study as soon as humanly possible. There are several benefits that makes it an attractive undertaking for students.

1. Applied - One of the key aspects to an AAS program is the fact that you are given the knowledge to handle the real-world dynamics of your area of study. This means you are more capable of handling the actual applications that are based in reality and not theoretical application. Your skills are more marketable as you gain the practical knowledge your area of study requires. It's kind of like increasing your troubleshooting skills for real-world circumstances.

2. Experience - is nearly as important as the degree you hold in your hand. Employers might decide to hire individuals with extensive experience over other graduates. Finishing your education strong with an AAS curriculum will help you get your foot in the door as employers see that you have been provided with the necessary prowess to get started right away. An Associate of Science is more of a generalized program that can be transferred to eventually leading towards higher learning. The Applied factor focuses the attention on the real-life uses of the knowledge.

3. Coverage - The Associate of Applied Science offers a diverse method for education. They can cover a wide range of studies from animal biology to technical support. Essentially, it is up to the educational establishment which of these is available. Not every field will be represented in all colleges. However, these courses are available in other locations and one could be found to match your interests in a career path.

4. Transferable - If you plan on continuing education at a later date, some of the effort put into the AAS units are transferable for further studies. There may be a few gaps that you will have to fill and it depends on the type of major and field of study you are pursuing. Some who have obtained their AAS have gone on to careers of five years or more and then decided to return to school in order to obtain Bachelor's and Master's credential that are available.

5. Reality - A lot of students fear that obtaining their degrees could be a waste of time as it doesn't provide a hands-on marketable talent. Of course you'll have the knowledge of the field, but will the employer still find you as an appealing candidate? The AAS program specializes in providing the student with marketable skills and practices. It is less generalized than other academic programs which makes it really appealing to a vast number of companies. Through it, these employers can discern that you can "hit the floor running" upon acceptance.

There are many benefits to obtaining your Associate of Applied Sciences degree. You can immediately begin adding experience to reinforce your professional value ahead of other candidates. As we live in a world where experience is nearly as important as that piece of paper, many will choose this route over an additional four to six years specializing in a specific subject of their field. The choice is ultimately yours and either road has great advantages.

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