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It’s a new age, and with that comes new integrated technology. Things we couldn’t imagine as short as 5 years ago are now moving to the forefront and helping people not only stay connected but tapped into real-time events. With students thriving to study, obtain exceptional grades and ultimately graduate, traditional campus based courses (brick & mortar) don’t have to be their only option anymore. 

Cell phones have come a long way and with continued improvement comes apps that can help e-learners in a significant way. They can be utilized to study faster, get assignments on the go, live chat with others (social networking) and view threads are just some of the awesome ways colleges are helping students keep on top of the important tasks at hand. For college grads who have more to do then time allows these mobile applications have become invaluable! Below I’ll be discussing some of the best ways to utilize them, why you should use them and how to find them.

Distance Learning Apps – How Can I Use Them in My Studies?

applications for learningIt’s so important to stay up to date on all of your responsibilities but if you’re like most college students you probably have a job, with that comes a limited amount of time. With such short deadlines and a busy schedule, distance learning apps can cut your study hours in half. When you have a question and need help you can simply hop on your phone and get live advice from peers, your teachers and online educational materials. Becoming stuck on a subject no longer has to be an issue! Most of these mobile applications allow you to video chat, share important documents and create templates for each course your taking making organization a snap! Studying is hard enough and when you have no way to reach out when your needing help so it’s only reasonable that universities would create a way for you to receive the help you need when you need it.

Why Should I Use Distance Education Apps?

If the answer isn’t obvious yet I’ll explain further. Using mobile apps can create a freedom for most students, not only can you cut your studying schedule in half but you can eliminate fixed classes and schedules. This is particularly awesome if you have a full or part time job. Eliminating travel cost’s is also a valid reason to use e-learning apps, if you’re tight on money this is a great way to save time and costly gas purchases. With universities now offering e-courses you can now take part in the education being offered without much fuss and who can argue with that!

How Do I Find Apps for Distance Learning?

Depending on the university you have chosen they may or may not have these tools available to you, the best way to find out is to ask. Typically, if they offer online courses
you’ll find that they do have apps. Google has created a great distance learning app where students can participate in all the great community features I listed above but they also have academic tools, accountability tools, training, and creation tools.

Whether your studying computer science, business, biology or many of the other online courses that offers applications you’ll find that the convenience and overall benefits certainly outweigh traditional classrooms. When it comes to smart technology and cell phones there really are many ways students can maintain a balanced work/ life schedule and get the most out of their availability, education and life!

Author Bio – Sarah Shade of Bob Knows Phones, an Atlanta cell phone repair company, shares advice, tips and education on the best uses of your mobile devices. She researches the latest trends in technology in order to educate users of mobile devices. 

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