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If you are thinking about getting a degree in furniture design, there are a few colleges that really stick out for this major. It is possible to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s level, but you must decide which road is best suited for you. Most of these options are physical campuses, but we have also included online schools to get your degree.

Parsons: The New School for Design – NYC, NEW YORK

Parsons is a huge name in designing. Located in Manhattan, NY, they have connections to many famous designers whether you are looking for lighting decor, interior design, or product development. With its location being so important, you are able to explore many live shows or other learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Pratt Institute – NYC, NY
Beautiful Chairs

It’s no surprise that there is another college located in NYC on this list. Pratt, with campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, they are highly recognized and consistently ranked nationally and globally for its industrial and interior design programs. They can make any of your vast tables look like a piece of art in just a few minutes.

UMass Dartmouth – MA

UMass Dartmouth offers a Master’s degree in Artisanry woodworking. They seek people with a passion and creativity that is top in the nation and in turn will train and push the artist to advanced levels. This curriculum will not only focus on designing, but also on the tradition of furniture making and the pursuit of new, modern creations.

Savannah College of Art – GA

As one of the top design school in the nation, there is no doubt that SCAD has made this list. Furniture design major focuses on mastering the art of implementing processes, core fundamentals, hands on learning, and using professional tools for crafting; putting all these elements together is how you become a true professional! They are the only academic member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and bring industry leaders to collaborate with students on projects.

Penn Foster Career School – Online

If you aren’t able to attend a traditional campus (brick & mortar) to earn your graduation, there is the option of getting a degree from furniture design schools online(distance education). They are based out of Scranton, PA, is one of the universities that offer an online degree option for your choice. You will be able to learn the skills in a virtual environment to create various furnishings of your choosing. These techniques include cabinet making, woodworking, and refinishing your finished product. 

Hopefully you have found this article helpful in pursuit of chasing your academic dreams.  Wish everyone a good year ahead.

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