8 Of the Most Underrated Universities and Why They are Great

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Going to college is an important part of young adult life, and choosing the right major can make all the difference. There is no need to select a school simply because it has received high recognition and has an overstuffed reputation. Some of the best ones are completely underrated and not recognized for their good qualities. Here are a few schools you should consider:

1. University of Alabama - Birmingham

Review of CollegesThe University of Alabama - Birmingham is one of the top research universities in the southern United States. It is also known for its high rate of community involvement among students. In fact, the Princeton Review claimed it was one of the highest ranking schools, especially for life sciences. In addition, their medical faculty is ranked among the nation’s best.

2. San Diego State University

With nearly 200 degree programs, they offer a wide range of course topics that include Asian studies, religious studies and naval science. Graduates from SDSU also have awesome financial prospects upon completion. It was one of the largest colleges in California, so if you are unsure of your major or interests, this could be a good fit for you. SDSU has almost any program you can think of, and even more activities to choose from.

3. Texas Tech

Located in Lubbock, it's basically a large research institution. This public institute provide more than 150 majors with an emphasis on engineering. What's great about Texas Tech is their bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, so you can gain higher education without having to relocate to another college. The athletics department is especially strong, with football as the top sport. Their commitment to sports combined with academic culture is an amazing perk among football fans.

4. Pace University

Based out of New York,  it's fairly new on the scene. It was originally established as a college for business and accountancy, but today it also offers courses in health, education, arts, science and computers. It's an alternative to the large, well-known schools such as New York University (NYU) if you still want to experience city-life while attending campus.

5. University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Graduates from this particular campus are known to make quite a chunk of change upon completion of a degree program. Students enrolled here tend to major in subjects like business and engineering. If you are serious about getting a degree and connections that will land you a reliable job in business or engineering, then it's definitely the right choice.

6. Oregon State University

One of the most underrated campus in the country is OSU, which receives extensive public funding for its research. It receives high marks for its courses in marine science, sustainable resource studies and forestry. OSU presents a lot of diverse educational opportunities, as well as research facilities.

7. University of Pennsylvania

Even though it may sound like a public institution, UPenn is actually a private Ivy League school. In fact, this is one of the best options for students looking for overall value (most bang for your buck). It's a very prestigious college, and among the oldest in America, so you will find a lot of history at Upenn. The institution has exceptionally high rankings for almost all of their programs.

8. University of San Francisco

This private Jesuit school is located in an ideal spot, right next to California’s Golden Gate Bridge. Small class sizes and high starting salaries for graduates are top draws for students in the area. It has a wonderful campus where you will get to interact with professors, instead of being another face in a class of hundreds of students.

When choosing an area of studies, pay close attention to what it offers that will allow you to succeed. If you plan on working a lot (full-time job), look into a distance learning program that provides a variety of online options. There is much more to a college than its name, so look deeper into what each school offers that will make it a good fit for you. 

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