Six Classes You Didn't Know You Could Take Online

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It is becoming increasingly popular for students to enroll into a wide variety of distance learning programs. Long gone are the days when you had to wake up early in the morning to attend a traditional, brick-mortar college campus. Any curriculum covered on a traditional campus or university can also be taught live on the Internet. With the help of a desktop pc connected to a high speed internet connection, you can take most, if not all of your classes online! Here are the six programs that can be completed online.

Foreign Language
Taking Online Courses

Believe it or not, online colleges are not only offering language instruction for romance languages like Spanish or Italian, but even for non-European languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese etc. Taking these courses will allow you to learn handwriting as well as practice communication with teachers/instructors through outlets like Skype. In fact, taking these e-learning classes could give students an advantage. Some key features include resources like flashcards and chat sessions not included in a regular classroom setting.


You don't necessarily have to go to some cold lab-like classroom and be bombarded with the smell of rubbing alcohol and rabbit corpses in order to enroll in a biology class. Many colleges now offer biology (other science subjects) through distance programs. Sometimes, you might need to visit a campus once in a while in order to see live demonstrations of various experiments; nonetheless, most coursework can be completed from your computer.


Economics is one of the easiest major you can study virtually from home. Many universities offer an online economics course for students, especially in basic microeconomics & macroeconomics. Many e-learning content management systems allow professors to upload videos with other content to help student learn relatively difficult economic concepts such as stagflation, externalities, and dead weight loss.


Many law schools are beginning to embrace distance education. In fact, there is an emerging trend in proliferation of online law schools. Schools like Abraham Lincoln University offer juris doctorate degrees completely online. These schools are accredited, they can prepare individuals to become future lawyers, prosecutors and other professional legal experts.


If you were ever interested in studying the stars, galaxies with planetary systems, astronomy courses are also offered on the web. Professors will teach basic theories/concepts via video chat or a live web conference. Afterwards, they will meet up with students at university observatories and other science museums for various projects. Astronomy can be a great way to get science credits, especially if you consider yourself more right-brained than left-brained. You may also appreciate learning about some of the cool things outside of planet Earth.


Depending on which university you choose for distance education, you may have the opportunity to make a religious studies as your major. A popular class for students to take is comparative religions. It requires a good amount of reading, additionally you might also have to attend a handful of religious meetings as part of the curriculum. Studies typically include Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Depending on the academic requirements, you may also study less traditional religions like Wiccan or Paganism.

By doing extensive research, you can find which ones are best suited for a successful career. Make sure you have the time, right technology and other things in place to help you achieve exceptional grades in all subjects. Now is the right time to take advantage of flexible features offered by an online class.

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