How Can Common Core Standards Help Prepare You for College?

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Common Core StandardsFor those who are involved in the field of education, you've probably heard a lot of grumbling about the common core standards in recent years. Some people are very much in support of these standards, but others are completely against them. While their reasons may vary, if you are a student, what are some ways they can help prepare you for college?

Focus on Interdisciplinary Skills

The common core standards really address all different areas of learning. However, they do place an emphasis on mathematics and reading skills. No matter what field you go into, these skills can play an important role. Even if you just need to take a math class or a basic literature course at the start of your college career, you'll have the tools necessary to succeed.

On The Same Level

These standards seek to bring all students into the same level playing field. In the past, you might sit in on a college course only to find that everyone else had a significant higher level of knowledge than you did. Of course, the school into which you are accepted plays a role in your ability as opposed to the other students' as well.Still though, following these standards can help to bring you more up to speed with the other students.

Encouraging Hard Work

If you walk into any college classroom, you might find a number of students who clearly did not complete the required assignments. They might be sitting on their cell phones or not paying attention at all. Students today often need more work at an earlier age to encourage them to stay with these skills later on. Although the common core standards do not guarantee that students will attend to their studies in college, they might help to encourage stronger participation.

Emphasis on Testing

Depending upon which college courses you are in, you might have a lot of tests or barely any at all. However, professors often do use quizzes because without them, the students may be very unlikely to read the material. Since you are going to be tested often with the common core standards, you will get a taste of intense testing situations.

In addition to regular classroom testing, you will also take the SAT or ACT to get into college, depending upon where your desired schools are located. The tests associated with the common core standards can help you to better prepare for these exams as well.

At times teachers can have a hard time adjusting to new techniques that are implemented by the government. When this is the case you might want to encourage them to develop common core courses as there are many resources to help teachers further their skills and be a better help for you. These standards have certainly caused a lot of debate and controversy in the educational world. Despite these arguments and disagreements, the common core standards can help you to be a more successful student in college if you are conscience of how they can help you..

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